Concrete Anoka Minnesota 

Concreate Revisions

What We Do

We specialize in the replacement of residential concrete, including driveways, garage floors, patios and steps.

Our work endures generations of brutal Minnesota Winters.

More About Us

When I first began replacing concrete in 2002 I asked myself, "If concrete is such a solid material, why did this old concrete deteriorate?" This question has repeated itself in my head each and every time I've replaced concrete in the years since. 

Sometimes the reason isn't plainly obvious, and usually there are several factors involved. In most cases, these issues could've been prevented with some careful initial planning. 

We take every factor into consideration from the drainage, gradient of slope, soil types, compaction, ground moisture, frost cycles, precipitation, wind, and even the radiant heat of the summer sun. 

We're thankful for the great reputation we've already received, and plan to continue improving the homes of people in our community for many years to come.

Thank You,

Justin Betland

Owner of Concrete Revisions

Concrete Anoka Minnesota 

Concreate Revisions


more testimonials...

Justin and his team did such a fantastic job. 

I am loving enjoying their work every day. 

What a treat - the prices were not through the roof. 

# concrete in their blood. ” 

Facey E

Anoka, Minnesota

"I hired Justin to repair our original 1960s crumbling brick steps and cement sidewalk, and we're 100% pleased with the outcome. 

From the initial estimate to the work completed, Justin was fantastic" 

Rachel Westhoff

Anoka, Minnesota

“Great company to work with.  

Solid communication and follow through! 

Justin and his team are very professional and do great work!  

Highly recommended!” 

Rick Steiner

Anoka, Minnesota

“Just want to recommend Justin Betland for a great, relaible concrete craftsman.

For comparison, we had another company come and do our driveway and it took them 5 months.  

Justin took 3 weeks from when we talked to him on the phone to us marveling at the handiwork!

Thanks Man! 

Ryan Johnson

Crystal, Minnesota

 “Justin did an amazing job

with a ramp & patio at our house.” 

Ginger La

Eagle Lake, Minnesota 

“I had Concrete Revisions

do my sidewalk and steps…

fabulous work.” 

Steve Gillane

New Hope, Minnesota

“Just replaced garage floor… 

and concrete driveway. 

Very happy with the work.” 

Dorie Heinen

Champlin, Minnesota

“Justin did the apron on my garage. 

He was very prompt, does good work 

at a very fair price...” 

Steven Buss

Minneapolis, Minnesota 


Concrete Anoka Minnesota 

Concreate Revisions


Concrete Anoka Minnesota 

Concreate Revisions

Why Choose Us?

Passionate about the quality and longevity of concrete. 

Improving the homes of local residents one project at a time. 

19 recommendations on Nextdoor and counting.